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Freitag, Oktober 06, 2006

Tabax: tabbed Axapta interface !!!!

My friend Max Belugin has implemented another great tool for Axapta: Tabax

With Tabax, you have all your open Axapta windows displayed at tabs just underneath the standard icon bar. It's great if you work with your windows maximized because now you can switch between the windows with just a click.

There are some more features like: opening table browser with a click (it will take the datasource of the current form and open the table broser for it), editing the current window, showing xreferences for the current window.

You can get it from here (it's strongly recommended!): http://www.axaptapedia.com/index.php/Tabax

1 Kommentar:

Zahir Khan hat gesagt…

I m trying to install Tabax on my Axapta Client. But i am getting 15 errors and 1 warning when I import this XPO file.