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Dienstag, Juli 24, 2007

Label for Query Range cannot be modified (still)

In a query range (open AOT, Queries, any query, any range field), you can specify the property "Label". So you could display another label than the standard field label to be used in a query.

Unfortunately, if you put a label into the query range, Ax will give you an error "Field xxx does not exist", where "xxx" is the label you wanted to use.

This error existed in Axapta 3.0 and it still in exists in 4.0. (Maybe it also existed in 2.5 and back, so it could have a long bug history...)

As soon as I get the time to install my Ax 5.0 CTP application, I will check if the error is there as well and will tell it to the MS guys, so they can fix it for the next versions.