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Montag, Jänner 28, 2008

Displaying online help on installations with multiple windows languages

In Dynamics AX, you can specify your client config to be usable if you have different windows languages (this means that your AX client is not always in the "c:\program files\..." directory but also in "c:\programme\...").

Then, you would make the link pointing to your ax32.exe something like this: "%programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Client\Bin\Ax32.exe" (and the bindir property of you AX client config would be: "%programfiles%\Microsoft Dynamics AX\40\Client\Bin")

With that setup, you can start your Dynamics AX client on any language that is used by Windows.

Well, there is one problem with the online help then. Dynamics AX cannot build the path where to search for the help file using the %programfiles% parameter and will give you an error when you activate the help.

What you have to do is to change the way the online help will create the path.
You have to modifiy the method getChmPath in class SysHelp as follows:

modifiy the line:

path = xInfo::directory(DirectoryType::Help);

to that:

if (WinAPi::fileExists('c:\\program files\\Microsoft Dynamics AX\\40\\Client\\Bin\\Help\\'))
path = 'c:\\program files\\Microsoft Dynamics
else if (WinAPi::fileExists('c:\\programme\\Microsoft Dynamics AX\\40\\Client\\Bin\\Help\\'))
path = 'c:\\programme\\Microsoft Dynamics
else path = xInfo::directory(DirectoryType::Help);

The change above will work for english and german windows installations and you can figure out how to extend that to other languages.

Donnerstag, Jänner 24, 2008

Getting new table fields into your form datasource (part 2)

After receiving some comments to my previous post (well, in fact it was my intention to get some feedback on it how to do that properly), here is the way to get your new fields of your table to your form's datasource:

after you have added the fields in the table and saved the table, go to the form where the table is used as a datasource, right click on it and select "Restore". After that, you will have your new table fields available in your form's datasource.

A big thanx to denis and jamie for providing me comments on that !

Dienstag, Jänner 22, 2008

Getting new table fields into your form datasource

When you create new fields in a table and then go into a form where this table is used, you will not see the new fields in the forms datasource. You could be tempted to go into the properties of the datasource and re-select the table (which would actually add all the new fields).

BUT: Don't do it! You will loose all your modifications and methods made in the datasource !

Better: just exit the Dynamics AX client and enter again. Then, all new fields will appear in your datasource.

Mittwoch, Jänner 16, 2008

Copying one line of a grid to Excel

If you want to copy just one line from a Dynamics AX grid to Excel and you just click on the line marker of the grid to select the line, press Ctrl-C in Dynamics AX and then Ctrl-V in Excel, you will not get the line into Excel. Sometimes you will only have one active field of the line in Excel.

What you have to do: press SHIFT when you select the line. Then, copy and paste the line into Excel and it will work and copy the whole line.