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Donnerstag, Oktober 12, 2006

Semicolon in classes: another hint

This is kinda follow up to one of my previous posts where I showed a link to Max Belugin's conclusion about semicolons in classes. (Orig post here: http://axaptafreak.blogspot.com/2006_03_01_axaptafreak_archive.html)

Today I found another funny thing about it (well it's not really my idea of fun but whatever).
I added some lines in the Info class, method startupPost (it was in fact to automatically start Tabax, a great tool by Max Belugin). Now: it was working when I started the Axapta client locally on my PC (using a 3-tier client).
But: when I logged on to a terminal server and started the Axapta client there (also 3-tier, same application, same database, same everything), it DID NOT WORK !!?!?

It took me some time to find out what the error was: a missing semicolon after the variable declarations. I still can't imagine why on earth it was working locally on my PC and not on the terminal server (there were no errors or so, it just skipped the lines).

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