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Mittwoch, Oktober 25, 2006

Extension of Best Practice Checks: Complexity Analysis

Today I stumbled over an interesting PDF. It is called "Measuring Complexity In X++ Code" and written by Anders Tind Sørensen.
It looks like a Bachelor thesis for the Technical University of Denmark and what it is all about: Anders makes an addition to the Best Practice Checks in Axapta to measure the complexity of the written code. This is made by some rules like: number of lines, comment percentage, depth of inheritance, number of children, etc...

All changes made to Axapta are inside the PDF and an xpo is also mentioned, but I could not find it (and no mail address of Anders...). As there are no copyright restrictions in the document, here is a link for you to download it: http://www2.imm.dtu.dk/.../imm4708.pdf

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Muhammad Shujaat Siddiqi hat gesagt…

You can access the xpo from this link