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Dienstag, Juni 19, 2007

Automatically open grid filter when opening form

In some forms it may be convenient that the grid filter (new in Ax 4.0) is activated automatically. If you want to get that behaviour, just add one line in the form's run method, just after the super() call:


So, your run() method should look like:

public void run()


..... // some programming lines....


Montag, Juni 04, 2007

Be careful when resetting your usage data

First of all, my apologies for not having written anything in the last weeks. But I'm really busy with my project at the moment....

But here's another thing for you:
in Dynamics AX 4.0, a "Favorites" menu was introduced. You can drag a form to your favorites pane. Then you will be asked to give it a name, and: you can add a saved query to it. With that, you can easily make favorites the open the forms filtered on the data you just need.

But there's another thing: as long as your system is still in change, everybody recommends that you delete your usage data from time to time (in User/Options).

But what happens to your favorites if you delete all your usage data?
The answer is: you'll get an error message. The system will tell you that it cannot find your saved query anymore. So, the whole work saving your queries and making your favorites is lost.

A small little addition to the method "reset" in the form "SysLastValue" will help you avoid that.

Add the line

&& _sysLastValue.recordType != UtilElementType::UserSetupQuery;

in the "delete_from" statement.

So, the deletion will not delete your saved queries.
Things that could be improved:
  • Only skip queries that have been saved with a name
  • Only skip queries that are used for a favorite menu item