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Dienstag, Oktober 03, 2006

BREAKPOINT command in X++

Hi! I'm back on track and the first thing I want to share after my vacation is a rather undocumented X++ statement: BREAKPOINT

In any X++ line, you can write BREAKPOINT; which will trigger a breakpoint on this line and open the debugger. With that, you could circumvent the fact that Axapta does not know conditional breakpoints and you could write a line like that:

if (i>10)

I have been using this statement for years, it has been working since Axapta 1.5 (the first version I had).

2 Kommentare:

Max Belugin hat gesagt…

I prefer to use something like

if (i==3)

(condition with no-side-effect statement)

and set a breakpoint to the statement.

Because it gives an ability to remove breakpoint and it is important in desplay methods.

Anonym hat gesagt…

there is a special command:


this is a conditional breakpoint !