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Dienstag, März 06, 2007

Ax 4.0 SP1: new clustering functionality

In Ax 4.0 SP1, the new "session manager" for AOS clustering was introduced (so you do not need NLB anymore). This, however, means a new single point of failure, because if the session manager crashes, clients will not be able to login to AX anymore.
The good news, though, is that you do not need the session manager!

Make the following setup: several instances of AX, mark all with the flag "Make this AOS instance part of the load balancing cluster". In the client config, add all your AOS instances on the various servers. The client will connect to one of the available servers. And the good thing is: this setup will work, even if one or some of the AOS instances are not running (this did not work in Axapta 3.0: there the client would have said that it cannot connect to the AOS server).

What I do not know right now: what do I need the session manager for?

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Unknown hat gesagt…

Wouldn't the session manager take care of directing a request to a certain AOS ? (I.e. load balancing).
When not using the session manager, how is determined which AOS in the cluster to use ?