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Donnerstag, März 01, 2007

Ax 4.0 SP1: Client still quits if AOS stops

I 've read somewhere that it might be possible in Dynamics AX 4.0 SP1, using the new "Session Manager" for AOS, the following could be working:
the client logged in on Server1, the server stops and the client automatically connects to Server2 (both in the new styled AOS clustering using the session manager).
Well I just tested it and it's not working like that. If the server on which the client logged on has a problem (e.g. service stops), the client is still kicked out of Dynamics AX.

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It works in the following scenario
Say you have two AOS, when the Default AOS is down and you start the client it will try for AOS1 then opt for your second AOS.

not sure of the situation that you have discussed.........