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Freitag, Juni 09, 2006

Axapta 3.0 Kernel Rollup 2 Performance Comparison

I made a comparison of the performance using an Oracle 9i database. The test set is the same as in my comparison between Oracle and SQL 2005 and here are the results:

  • There is a major decrease in performing large select/filter statments in forms. In one of my test forms, the filtering in the form took more than twice as long using KR2.
  • Some reports ran a little bit faster using KR2.
  • Overall: the performance using KR2 was about 10% less than using a standard 3.0SP3 kernel. If only reports are compared, KR2 was about 4% better than standard 3.0SP3.
I will rebuild the statistics on my Oracle DB and run the test again, as the first point is a little disturbing to me.

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