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Freitag, Juni 16, 2006

All old technet postings in one PDF file

Ever wondered where all the documents from the "good old Axapta Technet" have gone? Well, just some days before Microsoft turned the old Technet off, I downloaded ALL documents (that is not the discussions! Those have been transferred by Microsoft into the Axapta newsgroups) and made one PDF file out of them.

The PDF, however, contains all the news articles, tips & tricks, etc. posted by Microsoft and so on. Some of the documents may be available somewhere at Microsoft sites, some may even have found their way into the official help docs.

Those who still know the old technet will recognize some of the docs, the newbies may take a look into it and check what's still interesting to them ('coz the content is more than 17 months old now).

I have uploaded the file on the Dynamics User Group site. If you are already a member, you can download it here: http://dynamicsuser.net/files/18/ax_documentation/entry820.aspx
If not, I think you have to register first (but it's worth doing so)

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Max Belugin hat gesagt…

Helmut, can you convert it to the chm (i will help, if need)