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Dienstag, Mai 30, 2006

Search for item id in config id lookup (in queries)

We had the following problem: we are using a lot of config ids for items. Now, when you click on the lookup button of a config id field in a form, Microsoft has made some changes so it will only show you the configs of the current item (in the form).
This does not work, however, in a standard query (like a report query). There, the lookup for config id will show you *all* config ids of *all* items in Axapta.

The easiest possible way to make it a little more usable for me was to add the ability to search for item ids in this lookup (which is not possible in standard).

So please download the changed form here and enjoy: http://www.geocities.com/axaptafreak/Files/configidlookup.zip

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