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Montag, Mai 29, 2006

Display session's AOS name in online user form

When you have more than 2 AOS servers in your Axapta setup, you might experience the following problem: the online user form will only tell you whether the user displayed is currently working on the same AOS as you (then it will say "thin") or on another AOS (then it will say "NotAOS").

As long as you only have 2 AOS that's not a big problem, as "Thin" will mean the user is on the same AOS as you and "NotAOS" means he is on the other one.

But if you have 3 or 4 AOS, "NotAOS" will not tell you on which of the other AOS the user is working on.

So, here you can download a little project where one column is added to the online user form displaying the AOS setting of the user (including AOS cluster information):

You will see the additions I made when you compare the elements in Axapta. It's not a big deal but I needed that info very often so here it is for you.

3 Kommentare:

[ro] hat gesagt…

Revelation, great solution! That's what I need!!!

It will be splendidly if someone creates script to stop all object instances or services in AOS cluster.

Best regards,

akash hat gesagt…

hi where can i download tis file is there any way to create a form in Ax3.0 with online users and employee details mapped

Bri hat gesagt…

Can someone send me this file or upload them to another location?