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Dienstag, Oktober 30, 2007

Catching keystrokes and the task() method

As a follow up to my previous post about catching keystrokes in Dynamics AX, I received some comments telling me I should use the task() method on the form.

Well, the task() method can be used to catch some keystrokes (most of them described in the Macro Task in the AOT), but this is only some "system keystrokes", as I would call them.

So, you can catch Alt-F9 (delete record) or F1 (Help) or copy and past (Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V), but you cannot catch e.g. other function keys with it or keystrokes defined by yourself like Alt-S or Ctrl-S.

Take a look at the Task macro in AOT and you'll get an idea what kind of keys you can catch with the task() method.

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