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Freitag, Dezember 29, 2006

Goodbye, axdat.udb !!!

One of the very good things about Dynamics AX 4.0: there is no axdat.udb file anymore! All information about users online etc... is kept in the database.

The table that holds the users' data is called SYSCLIENTSESSIONS.
The table that holds the AOS' data is called SYSSERVERSESSIONS.

It seems to me that SysClientSessions will contain the sessions that had been logged in on the current day (no matter if they are still logged in or not). Currently logged in sessions will have the field STATUS set to 1.

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Frayday hat gesagt…

You're right...
Currently logged users have status 1 (Running).
But the question is...When session gets nr 0 (Killed) and when session with number 0 is deleted from table.
For sure it's not deleted everyday. I see in that table records logged-in 4 days ago with status 0.
So why status 0 and when it's deleted??

AJ hat gesagt…

This is very old, but let me add this anyway. I believe (although not 100% sure) that the record will only be deleted when the session Id is eventually reused.