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Dienstag, Juli 04, 2006

Project: Create Multi Files from xpo

A long time ago, I wanted to be able to have the old XAL way of exporting elements in Axapta: that every element gets its own file. Therefore I made a class which will exactly do that. Parameters are: filename of xpo file and directory where the single files will be stored.
What will the class do: it will go through the xpo, scan for elements and make one file for each element. Then, you can use a file comparison tool (e.g. Beyond Compare) to compare the two directories and you will see all the new elements, changed elements and so on.

So, what is it for?
I have been using this class for years to compare releases, whole layers of different applications and so on.
I also used it for comparing new service packs to old service packs: just export a whole standard application and another one with SP1, run the class on both xpo files and compare the two directories with a file comparison tool.

There are some limitations to the class:
  1. You cannot re-import the created file. Reason: I have to remove one line in the file where the date of the export is stored. Due to the multi-language capabilites of Axapta I cannot figure out where that string begins. But I never wanted to re-import the xpo due to limitiation number 2:
  2. The created file will not have the nice layout of the original. It will miss all additional spaces. This is due to the fact that Axapta cuts off unnecessary spaces when reading lines into a container.
    The project can be used for Axapta 3.0 xpo files.

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this little tool. You can also drop me a line into my inbox.
The project can be downloaded from the Dynamics User Group site here: http://dynamicsuser.net/files/18/ax_tools/entry1933.aspx

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I've made the opposite tool

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I've made the opposite tool