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Mittwoch, Februar 15, 2006

Axapta Kernel Rollup 1: Field RECVERSION added to every table

The kernel rollup 1 adds a new field to the table COMMON and therefore, all Axapta tables get that new field.

It is called RECVERSION and rumours say that it is needed for the new Optimistic Concurrency checking (you can read about this in the previous blog entry). There is, however, no information about the field in the official release documents.

There is also the possibility that you will have to wait for a very long time after you first start your Axapta database with the new kernel rollup: as the system has to add the RECVERSION field to every table in Axapta, this may take quite some time for large tables.

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Helmut Wimmer hat gesagt…

mkz@trucosaxpata.com sent me a comment by mail, here it is:

just a little comment ...

I've heared that optimistic locking is not implemented in processes but only in Forms.
And in Axapta 4.0 it will be implemented in processes too.

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