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Montag, Juli 25, 2005

How to set-up COM+ for Axapta correctly

Ever wondered why your COM connection was working while you were logged on to the PC and not working without being logged on?
Here's a short guideline how to set-up your COM+ correctly:
  1. You have to be logged on to the PC as a Local Administrator. Create a service account under which the COM+ should be running, this account must be local administrator on the PC. Log on with that account.
  2. In Axapta Config Utility: an Axapta User must be entered (on General Tab). This user must of course have the necessary rights in Axapta.
  3. In Axapta Config Utility: if the User has a Password, the Password must be entered (on COM Tab).
  4. Now (and only now) the COM+ component may be registered --> Config Utility, Tab “Business Connector”, Button “Register”. Of course you have to use the "Register COM+" option and the right dll file.
  5. In the Control Panel/Administration/Component Services: go to the Axapta COM+ Component (should be located under “Component Services / Computer / Workstation / COM+ applications / Navision Axapta Business Connector”.Open up the properties for the Axapta COM Connector. Go to the Identity Tab.Here, by default, the option “Interactive User” is chosen.Change this to: This User. Enter the user id (+domain) and password of the user you have logged in the PC (which should be the same as in 1., so this must be the local administrator).
If these guidelines are followed, the COM+ Axapta Connector will run even if nobody is actually logged on the PC. But be cautious: the COM+ connector will use the default Axapta configuration for the domain user that you entered in the component service. If you do not follow the 6 rules above, your COM+ might still not work.

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