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Donnerstag, April 05, 2007

Happy Easter with Tabax for DAX 4.0

I want to wish everybody Happy Easter and my present for you from the easter bunny is: Tabax is now working with Dynamics AX 4.0.

Max Belugin did a fabulous job in implementing a tabbed interface for Dynamics AX 3.0 and 4.0. There are 2 versions available: TabaxLite for end users and Tabax for developers and power users.

The homepage for Tabax is http://www.axaptapedia.com/Tabax but unfortunately the latest version (0.3Beta5) is not available yet. But: have an eye on it!

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Günter Themls Blog hat gesagt…

Hi Helmut,
there is some trouble with tabax during phases of heavy traffic. we did switch it off because our developers hint, the debugger points its "finger" on tabax...
grtx Günter