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Montag, Juli 24, 2006

Tes procedure to check whether you can send mails via SMTP

I am trying to do some emailing out of Axapta at the moment and I found an old post in the development-axapta mailing list that provides a way to check whether you can send mails via SMTP using telnet.
You can take a look at the post here: http://www.mail-archive.com/development-axapta@yahoogroups.com/msg09750.html

Another tip: if you have installed McAfee VirusScan, it might block all connections on port 25 on your PC (to avoid mass-mailing viruses using this standard SMTP port). So check it and disable it if you want to use SMTP from your PC.


Martin hat gesagt…

Why not just use the SysEmailBatch-class? It reads the SysEmailParameters by default.

Helmut Wimmer hat gesagt…

Hi Martin!
Of course you will use the SysMailer or SysEmailBatch classes. My point was that if those classes return a COM error, the post describes a way to find out if the problem is in Axapta or somewhere else (like virus scanner, firewall).